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Mike's Story:

This is more of a story of how we started dating. It's a longer one.

I decided to come to UW-Eau Claire because of the quality computer science program and the beautiful campus. Starting at the end of my freshman year I was getting sick of the house party routine. I started looking for Christian fellowship. Starting my sophomore year I found a group at UWEC called Student Impact (UWEC's branch of Campus Crusade for Christ). I quickly realized why God had brought me to Eau Claire. I quickly got involved in and started to love this organization. From the real friendships to the bible studies to the root beer keggers on weekend nights. I really grew in my love for the Lord and my love for other people. I became close friends with many people in SI. Around my junior year I met a girl named Regina Stuczyski. We were both on the PR team in Student Impact. The PR team would usually come over to my house on Barstow St. I remember one time Regina spent so much time and effort working on a collage to advertise Student Impact. I started to realize what a diligent hard-working person she was. A little while later, Regina told me that the Internet on her computer wasn't working. I told her I would come over and fix it for her. I think she still holds the record for most items of spyware I've ever seen on one computer.

Over the Winterim of 04-05, I was at home in Rochester and Regina was attending Winterim courses at UWEC. I remember talking to her everyday on AIM about random topics almost every day. Toward the end of this time I started to wonder if I might have feelings for this girl. When I got back to school in the Spring of 05 Regina and I spent a lot of time together with groups of mutual friends. Eventually it became less and less friends and more of the two of us hanging out. We used to go to the budget movie theater a lot with friends. Tuesday was buck night so we usually went that night. One Tuesday, we went to see Spanglish with some friends. Regina and I liked the movie so much we decided to go again next Tuesday. We said we would each try and find some friends to go. I don't think either one of us tried very hard. ;) So we ended up going to the movie alone. I wasn't complaining! :) Then I remember going to see Polar Express at the budget alone. On the way there I gathered up the courage to ask if Regina would go to the Vienese Ball with me. She said she would! After the movie we went back to her place and talked until 3am. I later found out she flunked a test the next day because she was so tired.

That day I told Regina I wanted to take Regina out to Houligans to have a serious talk with her. I later found out she was thinking we were hanging out too much and I would ask that we take it down a notch. Well I told Regina that I liked her a lot and would like to date her. I told her about our friends Jake and Hilary who had just started dating and took a week to pray about it before they started a relationship. I thought that was an excellent idea so I suggested to Regina that we do exactly that. It was perfect because that next week I was going down to Panama City Beach for Campus Crusade for Christ's "Big Break" outreach event. So we took that week and prayed to God about whether we should be in a relationship or not. When I got back, on a Saturday I took Regina out to Mt. Simon for a picnic. On the trail up to the top, I asked Regina if she would go out with me and she said "yes"!!!! The rest is history. :)